Getting a bit naked on the London subway

In The world of Top Asian star Ayi Jihu on October 17, 2009 at 11:19 pm

We are planning to shoot the music video for my new song ‘Smak Dat’ which was recorded back in Hong Kong earlier this year, i’m very excited as this would be my first official video shoot for my very own song.

We have several scenes in our minds that we wanna do, the next thing is to have different styles for different locations, as this is my first official music video, we want it to looking amazing and show me in different styles and images to give the best to my fans who have been waiting too see this video, as you can imagine, I’m filled with excitement especially since we started working with my stylist called Raniya Mohammed, she has been extremely helpful working on developing my style, image, the new Ayi Jihu. She keeps coming up with new idea and looks for me, hence the new Ayi with fringe and a bob, and absolutely loving it.

The first scene we planned to shoot on the tube in an empty carriage with me dancing and singing. This scene I was styled in a slick and sexy white dress, with open back, long curly black hair with strong eye make up and a dark lip colour. It happened to be on a day of the Notting hill carnival, luckily it wasn’t so cold though I still wore a jacket to cover myself up! We chose a time that wont be too many people on the tube, where I can have some what kind of privacy otherwise it’ll make the shoot very difficult, as im walking around with close to nothing in bright day light, but to be honest I wasn’t so much concerned about that, I was in the mood to have some fun!

We managed to get on an empty carriage, to make the shoot work without anyone disturbing we had to shoot it quick, so as soon as we got on the tube, we started shooting, dancing around the carriage, sweating and laughing, some awkward dancing but we got what we wanted pretty quickly, everyone is happy, we took the chance to take photos with that amazing style on the underground, I could see people looking and wondering, it didn’t bother me, we came out with what we wanted and plenty of amazing photos! This shoot went pretty smooth, now we can prepare for the next shoot. Now I think back I could’ve never done it like this a year or two back!

Ayi Jihu


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